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Personal care motors and applications

Personal care motors and applications

Personal care motors and applications
Personal care motors and applicationsPersonal care motors and applicationsPersonal care motors and applicationsPersonal care motors and applicationsPersonal care motors and applications
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Update TimeDec 1,2023
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Personal care motors and applications 
Personal care (intelligent massage equipment) motor:
For today's office workers, occupational diseases are already very common. Sitting for long hours and working for long hours can easily cause various occupational diseases, which can seriously harm people's health. Therefore, various types of smart massage equipment have become popular at the moment. An efficient massage equipment should be able to effectively relax the muscles, relieve the pain of the site, release tension and pressure, and are convenient to carry and use. The performance of massage equipment is closely related to its internal power supply. It is very important to choose high-performance motors for smart massage equipment. WOOSUNG provides vibration motors that are perfectly adapted to various smart massage equipment. The motor drives the massage head to vibrate repeatedly to achieve body decompression and soothing effects. Moreover, by adjusting the input voltage through the electronic system, the vibration intensity of the motor can be changed and the product can work in different intensity modes.
*Electrical properties such as voltage, speed, etc. can be customized after evaluation
*Small size (customized)
*Strong vibration (customized)
*Low noise (customized)
*Low current (customized)

Personal care (ice compress analgesic device) motor:
Ice cubes can be used for local cold compresses to reduce swelling and pain. The traditional ice compress has no obvious effect on alleviating pain. The ice compress analgesic device integrates traditional ice compress and vibration therapy. During use, it can constrict blood vessels, reduce bleeding, and reduce the stimulation and compression of metabolic products on the nerve endings, thereby effectively alleviating pain. The vibration motor provided by WOOSUNG is suitable for the ice compress analgesic device, and it can be used with the voltage adjustment of the PCB board to perfectly realize various vibration intensity working modes. The strong vibration of the motor not only promotes the dissolution of the ice pack, strengthens the effect of the ice pack, but also improves blood circulation and relieves the pressure on the injured area.
*Electrical properties such as voltage, speed, etc. can be customized after evaluation
*Small size (customized)
*Strong vibration (customized)
*Low noise (≤55dB@35cm)
*Low current (customized)
 *Power saving

Smart home (smart vacuum cleaner) motor:
With the popularization of smart technology, vacuum cleaners have started the "lazy" era. Smart vacuum cleaners are electric cleaning equipment equipped with a microcomputer system that can clean a specific part or all of the room according to people's settings. The smart vacuum cleaner is a built-in smart chip that can automatically identify and judge the home environment, calculate the walking path, clean the dust on the floor, clean up hair and debris, and return to charging after the cleaning task is completed. The core technology of the smart vacuum cleaner is the chip and the inside software. Vacuum cleaners can be divided into vertical, horizontal, and portable according to their structure. The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is to use a motor to drive the blades to rotate at a high speed to generate negative air pressure in the sealed casing to absorb dust. With the continuous expansion of the downstream demand market for the operation of the Chinese vacuum cleaner industry and the growth of exports, the operation of the Chinese household vacuum cleaner industry has ushered in a new development opportunity; it has now become an important member of smart home appliances. The motors provided by WOOSUNG are suitable for all kinds of sweeping robots and provide them with strong work power support. Different types of motors are used inside brushes, fans, roller brushes, and wheels to realize various cleaning functions of the sweeper, including sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and wiping.
*The eccentric wheel can be customized after evaluation
*F grade enameled wire
*Stable performance
*Thermal control
*Withstand 200℃ lead

Personal care (electric hair clipper & razor) motor:
The working method of the electric hair clipper is similar to the traditional manual electric clipper, driven by a micro motor. With the development of the times, they gradually replaced manual hair clippers, greatly improving the efficiency of haircuts. In an electric hair clipper, the motor drives the electric blade to vibrate regularly to achieve cutting, and the motor is the most important part of the power; while the electric razor is a rotary type, which is different from manual, the principle is that the rotating shaft drives a circle The knife net cuts the beard, and the motor drives the knife net to reciprocate and rotate. This model has strong power and good facial fit, so it is very clean, especially for hard stubble, it is very practical, low noise during work, and comfortable to use Good sex, strong power, easy to shave hard stubble. WOOSUNG provides excellent power solutions for electric hair clippers & electric razors. The motors provide high torque, making your products more powerful and more efficient. It is also important that our DC motors can be driven by only a small battery, which makes the product more compact and portable.
 *Electrical properties such as voltage, speed, etc. can be customized after evaluation
*High torque
*F grade insulation grade and high temperature resistance performance, high safety
*The noise is lower than 50dB, and the durability is great
*Small cogging torque, stable performance

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