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Some tips of Pot Magnet

Some tips of Pot Magnet

Issue Time:2015-04-07

What's Pot Magnet

Pot Magnets have only one working side, while other faces are non-magnetic or magnetically very weak. The magnetic field lines will focus on working surface by the leading of magnetic circuit through steel shell. In this way the magnetic field influence is limited and by using pot magnets it is possible to avoid magnetizing surrounding objects (except the types with SmCo and NdFeB in brass housing). 

Characteristics of Pot Magnet

-The strong magnetic force is concentrated on one side, and the other three sides are almost non-magnetic; compact
-The magnet is not easily broken due to the protection of the iron shell;
-Permanent magnetic force is equal to 5 times the magnet of the same volume;
-Long service life.

Holding force 

All values of the holding forces listed in the following tables are meant as the lowest values reachable at room temperature (vertical pull, full contact of magnetic face with ground ferromagnetic surface of thickness at least 10 mm). If the surface is dirty or deformed, air gaps are forming and the holding force is lower. It is very important to check and keep the surface clear. The holding force can be decreased only by excessively high temperature, or external magnetic field (except of SmCo and NdFeB). Different types of materials have different magnetic conductivity, which affects the holding force - the more additives are in steel, the worse is magnetic conductivity. The rough surface also reduces the holding force of Pot Magnets.

Types of Pot Magnet

Countersunk Pot Magnets

Male thread Pot Magnet
Female thread Pot Magnet
Hook Pot Magnet

Stability and Reactivity

Stable in normal atmosphere.

React with acids, oxidizing agents.

Condition to Avoid

Do not use or store in the conditions as followsAcidic, alkaline or electrically conductive liquid, corrosive gases 

Materials to avoid

Acids, oxidizing agents

Hazardous decomposition products