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Bonded Ferrite Magnets

Bonded Ferrite Magnets

Bonded Ferrite Magnets
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BrandVector Magnets
Update TimeJul 25,2024
Detail Information

  •      Bonded ferrite magnet is classified into flexible ferrite magnet and injection ferrite magnet according to manufacturing process.

         At Vector Magnets, The production is strictly controlled according to ISO9001 quality assurance system. Some of the biggest users are Nidec, Sony, Panasonic, Johnson, JVC, LG, Samsung etc.

  •      The main attraction of bonded ferrite magnet to design engineers are low cost, good corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical properties, fine manufacturing tolerance, high operating temperature by choosing suitable binder, feaibility of direct molding for complex shapes.


         The shortage of bonded ferrite magnet is with lower magnetic property than other type magnetic material.

         By injection process, magnets of both diverse shapes and complex configuration for instance small figure, thin wall, multi cross hole, reinforcing ledges and gear etc are all producible with little dimensional variability. Economically controlled tolerance +/-0.05mm could be further narrowed on critical dimensions without extra machining.


    Surface Treatment

         Bonded ferrite magnets are quite stable at most circumstances. It possesses the stability of both ferrite magnet and thermal plastic or synthetic rubber. There is no necessary to have them coated for anti corrosion purpose. For beauty, cleaning and application purpose, flexible ferrite magnet could be UV treated, laminated with colorful or printed vinyl (PVC), covered with adhesive and other material.


    Temperature Character

         The maximum working temperature of bonded ferrite magnet is depending upon both binder and ferrite magnet powder. The temperature will obviously take effect on the physical character of bonded ferrite magnet such as swelling, shrinkage, hardness and strength etc even the curie temperature is 450℃. For flexible ferrite magnet, magnet using NBR binder is with higher working temperature up to 100℃. For injection ferrite magnet, magnet using PPS binder is with the highest working temperature up to 200℃.Bonded ferrite magnet succeeds temperature character of sintered hard ferrite: increasing of temperature will lower remanence while intrinsic coercive force is increased; and irreversible loss of force will occur when magnet works at cold condition.

  • Main applications of flexible ferrite magnet cover:

         electric and electronic product (rotor and stator of motor, magnetic pick-up and sensor etc)

         sealing and fastening (fridge door and bath door etc)

         toy (magnetic dart and flat cartoon etc)

         stationary (magnetic writing board and magnetic inkjet printable paper etc)

         advertisement (magnetic car sign and outdoor advertising board etc)

         holding latch, etc

         crafts (magnetic photo frame and magnetic calendar etc)

  • Bonded Ferrite Demagnetisation Curve
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