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The joy of guitar

The joy of guitar

Issue Time:2021-04-20
Folk pop guitar

I believe everyone has seen the guitar as an instrument. There are many types of guitars. This time I will give you a brief introduction to the performance of folk guitars!

The guitar is a stringed musical instrument that produces sound by plucking the strings on it. When playing, use one hand to pluck the strings, while the fingers of the other hand rest on the fingerboard, which is a small metal strip covering the neck. The sound played will be enhanced by the resonance box of the guitar.

Playing skills are:
1. Slide
2. Hammer-On
3. Pull-Off
4. Tapping
5. Bending
6. Common Techniques for Kneading Guitars
7. Sweep Picking: It is mostly used for electric guitar playing, and is commonly seen in heavy metal rock music.
8. Slap: mostly used for bass guitar (Bass).
9. Arpeggio
10. Vibrato etc.

Three kinds of guitar aids
Guitar capo
The capo (English: Capo) was originally used to adjust the pitch of the guitar. It is a commonly used auxiliary tool in folk guitar singing. It can be used to press the product when transposing to increase the pitch of the tune and make it coordinate with the singer's voice. , And the original fingering method is used to play, which greatly reduces the difficulty of transposition.
Guitar tuner
For beginners, a guitar tuner is an indispensable auxiliary device for learning guitar playing. It is a tool for correcting the pitch of the guitar or giving a standard pitch. There are many types. In the course of historical development, it has gradually become electronic. The guitar tuner is often an electronic tuner, which greatly simplifies the tuning process of the guitar. Its main function is to correct the guitar tone.
Guitar pickup
The function of the pickup is to amplify the sound. The pillars in it are the magnetic core. There is a magnet under the magnetic core, and the copper wire is wound around the magnetic core. When we pluck the strings of the guitar, the strings cut the lines of magnetic induction in the magnetic field, and the coils surrounding the magnetic core will induce currents, and the currents will be transmitted to the speakers to produce sound.
The joy of guitar
It has been two years since I taught myself. The guitar has brought me so much fun. It can sing with me when I am happy, and it can heal me when I am sad. It is like the spice of life, in our busy work and life, it offers some comfort to our empty hearts.
I hope everyone can learn a musical instrument, whether it is a guitar or other musical instruments, because our lives need these beautiful things to fill, with wonderful music, and someone who loves you, and then experience the various forms of life. , Make our life colorful!