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Market analysis and application scenarios of wireless charging

Market analysis and application scenarios of wireless charging

Nov 10,2020
With the development and application of 5G, the concept of "all things connected" in the Internet of Things has become more and more real, giving people more imaginations about future life-artificial intelligence has gradually begun to automate all household appliances, and Wireless charging allows various electronic products to get rid of the plight of power shortages because they are free from the shackles of wires. Whether it is games or work, it will never be affected by limited power.

Wireless charging technology can be regarded as a miniature of the development of the Internet of Things and the development of smart cities in the future-more portable, more efficient, faster, and more flexible, doing everything possible to reduce time and space costs, wireless charging is gradually becoming a new generation One of the first choices for upgrading consumer electronics.

Intelligent terminal charging and storage product industry chain

Smart terminal charging and storage products such as chargers and mobile power supplies involve mold design, industrial design, structural engineering, electronic engineering, automation and other fields. The upstream of the smart terminal charging and storage product industry chain is mainly plastic shells, resistance capacitors, and magnetism. Materials, IC, etc., downstream applications are smart phones, portable smart devices, smart home devices, etc.

1. Schematic diagram of the industry chain of smart terminal charging and storage products

2. 2016-2022 global wireless charger market scale and forecast:

In recent years, as smart phones have more and more functions and larger screens, the battery life of mobile phones has become a major concern of consumers. Therefore, the application of wireless charging technology has become an important factor for consumer electronics companies represented by smart phones to expand market sales. According to statistics, in 2017, the global wireless charger market was worth 1.058 billion U.S. dollars. It is estimated that by 2022, the global wireless charger market will reach 1.564 billion U.S. dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 8.1%.

Wireless charger technology types and standards

There are four main types of wireless charging technologies: electromagnetic induction, magnetic resonance, electric field coupling, and radio wave. At present, the technology is relatively mature and widely used in the market are electromagnetic induction and magnetic resonance. Generally speaking, low-power wireless chargers mainly use electromagnetic induction for charging, and high-power wireless chargers mainly use magnetic resonance for charging.

1.Types and characteristics of wireless charging technology

2.Industry technical standards

The current industry technical standards are mainly divided into the Qi standard of the WPC Alliance and the PMA/A4WP standard of AFA.

Market analysis of wireless charging technology application

Consumer Electronics

The "2017-2021 China Wireless Charging Industry In-Depth Survey and Investment Prospect Forecast Report" released by CIC Consulting believes that compared with other fields, the application of wireless charging in consumer electronics is relatively mature, from wireless charging mobile phones to wireless charging mobile The power supply, then to the wireless charging watch, there are various types of consumer electronic products that support wireless charging. The maturity of the technology and numerous commercial application cases provide prerequisites for the further penetration of wireless charging technology in the consumer electronics field.

Electric vehicle field

The "2017-2021 China Wireless Charging Industry In-Depth Survey and Investment Prospect Forecast Report" issued by China Investment Consultants believes that on the basis that teslaModels and Mercedes-Benz S500e have clearly adopted wireless charging modules, it is expected that more high-end models from car manufacturers may Intervention, and once the domestic leading vehicles clearly adopt it, it is expected to trigger the full launch of the new energy vehicle wireless charging industry chain. We judge that seizing opportunities in the wireless charging industry in the future will mainly come from the competitiveness of the automotive wireless charging technology system, including all-round competitiveness in communication, control, power, radio frequency, and payment technology capabilities. , Manufacturers that are expected to occupy the charging operation card position may also benefit from the big era of parallel development of wireless charging and wired charging in the future.