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Magnetic Field Lines and Magnetic Field Visualize Sheet

Magnetic Field Lines and Magnetic Field Visualize Sheet

Sep 24,2020

Magnetic Field Lines and Magnetic Field Visualize Sheet

A magnetic field surrounds any electric charge in motion. The magnetic field is continuous and invisible, but its strength and orientation may be represented by magnetic field lines. Ideally, magnetic field lines or magnetic flux lines show the strength and orientation of a magnetic field. The representation is useful because it gives people a way to view an invisible force and because mathematical laws of physics easily accommodate the "number" or density of field lines.

 The lines in the aurora follow Earth's magnetic field lines. Oscar Bjarnason / Getty Images

Magnetic field lines also appear in nature. During a total solar eclipse, the lines in the corona trace the Sun's magnetic field. Back on Earth, the lines in an aurora indicate the path of the planet's magnetic field. In both cases, the visible lines are glowing streams of charged particles.


Magnetic Field Line Rules

Using magnetic field lines to construct a map, some rules become apparent:


Magnetic field lines never cross.

Magnetic field lines are continuous. They form closed loops that continue all the way through a magnetic material.

Magnetic field lines bunch together where the magnetic field is strongest. In other words, the density of field lines indicates magnetic field strength

How to See a Magnetic Field

Like air, a magnetic field is invisible. You can view wind indirectly by throwing small bits of paper into the air. Similarly, placing bits of magnetic material in a magnetic field lets you trace its path. Easy methods include:

1) a Compass

2) Iron Fillings 

3) Magnetite Sand


This article is going to introduce magnetic field visualize sheet.

Structure of magnetic field visualize sheet

Magnetic field visualize sheet is a flexible three-layer structure in which a capsule ink layer and a black ink layer are printed on the back surface of a transparent PET film. There is a microcapsule with a diameter of about 80 μm filled with flat magnetic powder and oil in the capsule ink layer. Since the flat magnetic powder is lined up along a magnetic field applied from the outside, the appearance of black ink in the bottom layer Will change, and as a result, the magnetic pattern of the object placed on the sheet will be recorded on the sheet.

The strength of the magnetic field is expressed by the shade of the color of the sheet and shade area, but the absolute value of the magnetic force is not known.

1 magnet's field area width 4mm                                          2 magnets' field width 5mm                                                     3 magnets' field width 5.5mm
different color shows different magnetic field strength

Vertical magnetic field

When a vertical magnetic field that penetrates the sheet from top to bottom is applied, the flat magnetic powder in the microcapsules stands perpendicular to the sheet, and the bottom layer is black.

The bright color becomes visible through the PET film on the surface. For this reason, a darker color is seen in a strong magnetic field, and a light color change is seen in a weak place.

Horizontal magnetic field

When a magnetic field is applied from the horizontal direction of the sheet, the flat magnetic powder in the microcapsules also becomes horizontal, covering the black ink in the bottom layer, and the sheet changes to a brighter color. This is also the principle of "color restoration" described later.

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