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Magnet Used In A Ventilator

Magnet Used In A Ventilator

Sep 23,2020
What is A Ventilator?
A Ventilator, no matter what type, its basic structure should include Air source, air supply and driving device, air-oxygen mixer, control part, exhalation part, monitoring alarm system, breathing circuit, humidification and atomization device. 

How Does A Ventilator Work?
Ventilators have different principles according to different working methods, mainly as follows:
Intermittent positive pressure ventilation. In this way, the inspiratory phase is positive pressure, while the expiratory phase pressure is zero. The working principle is based on: the ventilator generates positive pressure during inhalation, and the patient presses the gas into the lungs. When the pressure rises to a certain level, or the inhaled volume reaches a certain level, then the ventilator The air supply will be stopped, the exhalation valve will be opened one after another, and the patient's chest and lungs will passively collapse and exhale.

Intermittent positive and negative pressure ventilation. In this working state, the inspiratory phase of the ventilator is positive pressure, and the expiratory phase is negative pressure. The applied working principle is that the ventilator can play a certain role in both inhalation and expiration.

Continuous positive pressure airway ventilation. This kind of working state means that the patient applies a certain positive pressure under the condition of spontaneous breathing and throughout the breathing cycle. The applied working principle is: positive pressure is given during inspiration and resistance is given during expiration, so that both the inspiratory and expiratory phases are higher than atmospheric pressure.

Pressure support ventilation. Working principle: The suction pressure starts with the suction and ends when the suction flow rate decreases to a certain extent. The pressure is constant, and it is adjusted by the inhalation flow rate, and each inhalation is supported by the pressure, which can be set differently as needed.

Where Is The Magnet & How The Magnet Works?


Most of the time, in the case of a ventilator, magnets are used in motors to control the air valve, which is the core part of a ventilator. 

Major ventilators in Europe and the United States all use voice coil motors to actively drive cylinder valves to achieve high-frequency reciprocating motion. 

Voice coil motors have simple structure, stable operation, and high positioning accuracy, they are used to control the ventilator to realize the ventilator.

The basic function of the voice coil motor ventilator as a device that can replace, control or change human physiological breathing, increase lung ventilation, improve respiratory function, reduce respiratory consumption, and save heart reserve capacity. 

It is widely used in various Respiratory failure caused by causes, anesthesia and respiratory management during major operations, respiratory support diagnosis and treatment, and emergency resuscitation occupy a very important position in the field of modern medicine.

According to whether the motion in the voice coil motor is a voice coil or a ferromagnetic system, the voice coil motor can be divided into two types: a moving coil type and a moving magnet type.

Moving Type

1. The moving coil voice coil motor means that the magnetic steel part is fixed and the coil moves; because the weight of the general coil part is much smaller than the weight of the magnetic steel part;

2. The moving magnet voice coil motor adopts a structure with a fixed coil and a movable magnet, which has larger output and higher output efficiency. At the same time, it has lower hysteresis loss and faster step response at high frequencies; The voice coil motor has a higher working bandwidth, while avoiding the dragging problem of the cable. Long-term movement will not cause the cable to break; the second is that the coil generates more heat when it is working and will not affect the performance and life of the bearing structure.

Covid-19 is still out there spreading fast in many countries. Ventilators are playing an key role saving lives every second. We sincerely hope everybody will be safe from this disaster.

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