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What's tip effect and how it affects on coating?

What's tip effect and how it affects on coating?

Update Time:2021/7/7

Corona discharge is a process in which electric current flows from a charged object (electrode) to an uncharged fluid, thereby causing the generation of ionic molecules near the electrode. 

The tip discharge refers specifically to the corona discharge phenomenon caused by sharp objects in corona discharge. In coating industry, we also call it tip effect or bone effect.


How does the tip effect affect electroplating?

Answer: When the process does not conform to the standard.

The tip effect tends to cause thickening, burrs, or scorching of the coating on the tip or edge of the product. 

Therefore, we should try to eliminate or control the impact of tip effect to ensure product quality.


How to reduce or eliminate the tip effect, in actual operation, different measures should be taken according to different situations: 

control the current density; adjust the composition of the plating solution; add appropriate additives;

change the pH value of the plating solution; add auxiliary poles to the workpiece; adjust the distance between 

cathode and anode; change the geometry of the anode and the electroplating bath; change the suspension 

mode and position of the workpiece, etc.