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How Rare earth became an anti-cancer star?

How Rare earth became an anti-cancer star?

Update Time:2019/5/31
China's rare earth resources are abundant and diverse. The rare earth elements include 17 elements such as lanthanum, cerium, lanthanum and cerium. In recent years, rare earths have not only been widely used in agriculture, science and technology, national defense and other sectors, but also show their encouraging application prospects in the medical field.

The epidemiological survey results showed that the incidence of tumors in rare earth workers was significantly lower than that in the control group. Animal experiments also found that mice were observed to have a significant inhibitory effect on transplanted sarcoma after long-term administration of rare earth. Further research has also confirmed that rare earth elements can inhibit the growth and proliferation of various human tumor cell lines (such as breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, leukemia, etc.), and on the other hand, promote the growth of normal cells, which is applied to rare earths. Tumor treatment provides a certain experimental basis.

So what is the mechanism of rare earth anti-cancer? Most studies believe that there are mainly the following aspects:
1 Rare earth has strong affinity for cancer tissues, and rare earth combined with cancer tissue can interfere with the metabolism of cancer cells and the synthesis of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid);
2 rare earth like a "scissor", can cut the nucleic acid chain, causing it to hydrolyze and break;
2 rare earth can selectively destroy the ultrastructure of cells inside malignant or cancerous cells;
4 Rare earth can inhibit the expression of oncogenes, and at the same time enhance the expression of tumor suppressor genes.

Although studies on the anti-tumor mechanism of rare earths are still under investigation, statistics show that radioactive rare earths account for half of the radioactive elements used to treat cancer. In addition, medical researchers are currently working on the use of rare earths for the treatment of AIDS. Prof. Adachio, an Osaka university, spoke highly of the work and prospects: “Expanding the function of rare earths into the biological field, such as the use of rare earth catalysts to cut off the genes of AIDS and cancer in medicine, will be the largest human Gospel." Visible, in terms of AIDS and cancer, the shock of rare earths will greatly exceed the rare earth oxide high-temperature superconductors that appeared in previous years. It is believed that in the process of conquering tumors and AIDS in the 21st century, rare earths - this anti-cancer star will shine.