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Business Ethics


All issues are immediately taken care of, instead of being put it aside for later. For the big and daunting, Vector employees can easily break the issue into smaller subtasks with mile posts and deadlines, making everything easy to handle. Your important requests are priorities. We don't labels everything urgent and top priority. Vector Magnets focuses on every detail to offer quality service and achieve technical improvement for magnetic application industries, thus being professional.


A company can run their operations around the clock, but with out efficient processes and tools they'll never reach their full potential. Technology can be a powerful tool to help automate processes and create a consistent experience for both employees and clients. Vector Magnets is using one of the the world's best CRMs. With proper strategy and management, it's becoming a very powerful tool for each team at Vector Magnets.


Sharing works because organizations or individuals the see that the benefits (more approaches to knowldege, chances, etc) outweigh the risks(facing challenges, mostly from competitors). History also teaches, however, that information sharing tends to work best when those involved trust each other to respect informal and sometimes formal agreements (e.g., non-disclosure agreements) on information use and disclosure. But with global threats, global actors, and global networks, no one organization – public or private – can have full awareness of all the threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents that shed light on what must be managed. Hence, at Vector Magnets, it's open to share knowledge, joy, growth and harvest with all its team members,customers, suppliers and partners.