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The physics that I have learned in those years has finally been used in the magnetic beauty cosmetics

The physics that I have learned in those years has finally been used in the magnetic beauty cosmetics

July 20,2023

I thought I wouldn't need to study physics after graduation, but now I don't know magnetism and can't do skin care.

The wonderful use of magnets extends from life to beauty, and the inventor of all kinds of magnet beauty products is a genius!

Whether it's make-up or skin care, the beauty industry has never lacked revolutionary products that open your mind!

The magnetic skin care industry is constantly expanding its product lineup.

Take a closer look, the beauty industry has recently started to catch a magnetic tram.

So, don’t you want to have a novel, fun and easy-to-use magnetic makeup and skin care product?

suck out the dirtmagnetic mask, suitable for noobs magnetic eyelashes, magnetic nail polish, Magnetic Sheet Mask...Only you can't think of it, no technology can't do it!

With the blessing of "magnetism" in the beauty industry, it's so fun that you can't stop!!!

No.1 Magnetic Mask

The magnetic powder is added to the mask, and combined with the strong magnetic attraction sheet, the cleaning of the mask becomes easy.

MDNA SKIN, founded by Madonna, is the ancestor of the magnet mask, which became popular all over the world when it was launched.

Dr Brandt Magnetic Mask

The cosmeceutical brand founded by Madonna’s dermatologist, Dr. Brandt, has done a great job in anti-aging. Dr. Brandt belongs to the popular series of cosmeceutical brands. After using it for a month, I want to put bottles and jars on the dressing table immediately All replaced by his home.

Dr. Brandt's new magnetic mask uses new technology. The biggest feature is that it doesn't need to be washed. After using it, the face is refreshed and not dry. It seems that there is a layer of essential oil on the face, but it is not greasy at all. Followed by normal basic care. The next morning, when I looked at myself in the mirror, my skin condition was amazing, and my mood was even more surprising. The skin was firm, white and tender, and it was 2 degrees whiter! Pores are also finer!

After 10 minutes of application, start to suck. The magnet has super strong attraction. It is also strongly recommended to use a plastic wrap. After sucking, there is a layer of essence on the face, and the skin is indeed visibly plump, and it really feels like charging the skin.

No.2 Magnet Eyelashes for Noobs

One Two Lash

Wow this is amazing! The eyelashes box is as delicate as the foundation box.

Myself is a noob with eyelashes, and not  good at sticking eyelashes. Every time it sticks, either the head and tail of the eye will fly off, or it will stick to the real eyelashes and it is very difficult to remove, so I went directly to the eyelash extensions afterwards.  

Magnetic eyelashes are simply a super savior for noobs! It's magnetic eyelashes! No need to worry about the amount of glue used anymore, and you are not afraid of stickiness.

One Two Lash is a section of false eyelashes, mainly divided into upper and lower pieces for use, there will be a thin magnetic sheet in the middle of the eyelashes, as long as the upper and lower pieces are stacked together, they can be magnetically adsorbed.

Because it is magnet, so there is no need for annoying makeup remover products! Just don't pull it hard when you take off the eyelashes, but rub it lightly to let the two magnets separate and it's ok. The best part is that this "Iron Man" is very durable and has an extremely low damage rate!

No.3 Magnetic Nail Polish

It's super simple, just apply a color and add a magnet, no matter how noobs you are, you can successfully paint your nails. 
Yes, indeed we have a course #how to use magnetic nail polish

Basically, as long as you apply a thick layer of magnet nail polish, and then place the magnet on the top of the nail, the iron powder in the nail polish will be attracted by the magnet, making the nail polish into patterns of different shades.

How about it, did you feel like watching a technological blockbuster? Girls who are not good at physics are actually completely worried, because magnet beauty products are really easy to use, and they are so fun that they can't stop.