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Made in China! The world's first rare earth maglev rail transit project test line completed

Made in China! The world's first rare earth maglev rail transit project test line completed

August 9,2022

Made in China! The world's first rare earth maglev rail transit project test line completed

Source: CCTV News

On the morning of August 9, led by Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and jointly completed with Xingguo County People's Government, China Railway Sixth Institute, China Railway Industry, National Rare Earth Functional Materials Innovation Center and other units, the permanent magnet maglev rail transit project test line - "Red Track" It was successfully completed in Xingguo County, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province. Li Xinsheng, member of the Standing Committee of the China Railway Party Committee and Vice President, was invited to attend the completion ceremony and deliver a speech.

Li Xinsheng said that China Railway has provided a package of comprehensive solutions for the survey and design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction and operation and maintenance of the "Red Rail" project. The completion of the "Red Rail" test line is not only an active exploration of the project parties to thoroughly implement the national strategy of "transportation power", but also opens a new milestone for my country to build a multi-level, integrated, intelligent and modern rail transit network. The development of the old revolutionary base area has added new momentum.

The test line starts from Yongfeng Station (Xingguo West Station of the high-speed railway) in the south, along the green belt on the east side of Zhanqian Avenue, and ends at the static adjustment warehouse in the north. The main line of the line is about 800 meters long, all of which are steel structure elevated lines. Because the test line is located in Xingguo County, an old revolutionary area, it is known as the "red track"; the maglev train is named "Xingguo". The 56 founding generals of the People's Republic of China pay high tribute.

The test line is constructed using the EPC (design, procurement, and construction integration) model. China Railway Sixth Research Institute, as the lead unit of the project design, procurement, and construction integrated general contracting consortium, is mainly responsible for the project general contracting management, the overall management of the permanent magnet maglev rail transit system Design and key technology research and development. As a pioneer and practitioner of suspended monorail technology, China Railway Sixth Institute participated in the construction of all 7 suspended monorail demonstration lines in China. During the construction of the "Red Rail" project, China Railway Sixth Institute gave full play to its experience and advantages in survey design and system integration, and realized the integration of rail transit, suspended monorail, permanent magnet suspension, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies. In-depth integration, took the lead in compiling the first suspended maglev monorail traffic design standard; based on the technical characteristics of the suspended monorail, the track beam structure deformation control standard was first proposed, and the first time a vehicle suitable for maglev suspended monorail was developed. Track-bridge coupling analysis system; it is the first attempt to use the Beidou satellite system for train positioning in the field of urban rail transit, and the signal scheme of trackside electronic tags to accurately calibrate the position has laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the project.

China Railway Science and Industry, China Railway Baoqiao and China Railway Nine Bridges under China Railway Industry have undertaken the research and development tasks of vehicles, turnouts, track beams, steel columns, etc., as well as civil construction, comprehensive joint commissioning and trial operation of the entire line. The "Xingguo" vehicle developed by China Railway Science and Industry for this project adopts 2-section marshalling, with a rated capacity of 88 passengers and a maximum design running speed of 80 km/h. Features such as small turning radius and low noise. The magnet suspension single-opening switch designed and developed by China Railway Baoqiao for this project is the first time that the combination of magnet suspension technology and rotary switch type is applied to the manufacture of suspension structure switches, which realizes the stable and reliable line change of the suspended maglev, and fills the left the field blank. China Railway Nine Bridge has built the "red rail" project station house, static storage, and civil engineering construction tasks such as concrete piers, pile foundations, and caps across the line.

"Red Rail" is the world's first rare earth maglev rail transit system engineering test line so far. Its completion marks the birth of a safe, convenient and efficient new standard rail transit system with medium and low speeds and medium and low volumes. The rare earth maglev rail transit system realizes the perfect combination of permanent magnet levitation technology and air rail technology. It is a new magnetic levitation technology route developed after electromagnetic levitation and superconducting maglev. It has completely independent intellectual property rights and is the application of rare earth materials. And another major achievement in the research of maglev track system.

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Original title: "Made in China! The world's first rare earth maglev rail transit project test line completed"