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Some introductions of Magnetic gear

Some introductions of Magnetic gear

Issue Time:2021-08-20

        The non-contacting magnetic transmission drive gear uses the principle of magnetism as transmission, which is a non-contacting transmission mode. In a clean environment, LCD, PDP, PCB, OLED, SOLAR CELL and other production lines that do not allow fine impurities to drive products in a non-contacting state, which solves the problem of clean environment transmission devices such as gears or belts that generate dust due to contact work. Vibration, noise. Load protection function; solves the problem of no damage even if abnormal load occurs. The non-contacting magnetic transmission wheel has no wear and tear, basically no maintenance, and the mechanical design is simpler. It is the best choice for a new generation of transmission

Transmission type

Advantage of Magnetic gear

1. Ultra low dust environment

Magnetic gear with non-contacting condition transit the product by magnetic torque will not

caused dust in the environment

2. Ultra low noise

Very low acoustic noise and vibration due to non-contacting between magnetic gear

3. Precise peak torque transmission

As non-contacting between magnetic gear, two magnetic gears will rotate and make same

magnetic torque as designed for transmit the product.

3. Low cost

Reduced the cost of maintenance and improved reliability, lubrication free, longer life.

Application type

Some cases of application