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DC Motor

DC Motor

Issue Time:2021-07-23

The DC motor is a device that realizes the mutual conversion between DC electric energy and mechanical energy. According to the purpose, it can be divided into two types: DC motor and DC generator. Among them, the motor that converts mechanical energy into DC power is called a DC generator, and the motor that converts DC power into mechanical energy is called a DC motor (referred to as motor & motor); DC motors are common power machinery in industries such as mining, transportation, and construction; The DC motor has a wide range of speed regulation, smooth stepless speed regulation characteristics, can realize frequent stepless quick start, braking and reverse rotation; large overload capacity, can withstand frequent impact loads; can meet the requirements of various automated production systems This kind of special operation requirements; because the DC motor has good starting and speed regulation performance, it is often used in occasions with higher requirements for starting and speed regulation, such as large reversible rolling mills, mine hoists, hotel high-speed elevators, planers, Electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, urban trams, subway trains, electric bicycles, paper and printing machinery, marine machinery, large precision machine tools and large cranes and other production machinery. VECTOR can provide DC motors with diameters ranging from 6mm to 110mm and various flat vibration motors & linear motors, all complying with CE, REACH, RoHS requirements; products include flat vibration motors, linear motors, brushed iron core motors, DC brushless motors, Precision precious metal DC motors, geared motors, etc. Products are widely used in industrial automation, office automation, automotive electronic equipment, medical equipment, audio and video equipment, information communication equipment, aviation models, power tools, massage health equipment, electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, eyebrow trimmers, hair dryers, portable cameras , Precision instruments, 3C products and other electric products.

The structure of a brushed DC motor

Stator combination
End cover combination
Rotor combination
The application of some DC motors
Robot (robotic arm) motor

In recent years, electric vehicles have gradually gained consumers' affirmation due to their environmental protection, low cost of use, and preferential purchases. With the increasing status of electric vehicles in urban transportation, the corresponding charging stations that need to be configured have gradually increased. Equipped with an automatic charging system will be the mainstream trend of charging stations in the future. The charging robot has played a big role in the charging station, saving a lot of human resources and management costs. It is truly the smartest, fully automatic, efficient, and affordable charging solution. There is no doubt that the best choice for the power source required by the charging robot is the micro motor. The micro motor provided by VECTOR has high torque, which provides sufficient power while also ensuring the accuracy of the charging robot. It is an indispensable power support in the era of intelligent charging.

Smart home (smart trash can) motor

With the development of economy, the expansion of cities, the rapid increase of population and the improvement of quality of life, urban garbage continues to increase, and garbage disposal has become a major problem at present. The best way to manage garbage is to split the collection, and this process is tedious and complicated. The smart trash can came into being. They are generally equipped with filling sensors to coordinate the digital management of domestic waste with data management and logistics platforms, making the classification of waste in modern life cleaner and more effective. Driven by the motor, the smart trash can cooperates with sensors and data processing to realize the functions of automatically opening, packing and changing bags. Because the motor we provide has strong stability and high protection level, it can perform well even in a relatively harsh working environment.

Electronic Parking brake system (EPB) motor

The electronic parking brake system (EPB) turns the traditional parking lever into a small button, but it is safer than the traditional lever and will not change the braking effect due to the driver's strength. The electronic parking brake system collects data in real time through the acceleration sensor, and after it is delivered to the computer for calculation, the corresponding force is increased or eliminated, which realizes the smooth start of the vehicle and stable parking on the slope. In addition, the system automatically realizes thermal compensation, ensuring reliable parking in cold weather. A huge braking effect can be achieved by pressing a small button. The power source is the micro motor in EPB; the motor cooperates with the control of the computer to release the brake for the smooth start of the vehicle, and balance the decline caused by the parking on the slope. It compensates for the temperature difference between the brake disc and the friction lining; it performs the braking function efficiently under various driving conditions, which improves the safety of the electronic parking brake system.