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Modern Vape

Modern Vape

Issue Time:2021-07-08
What is electronic cigarette? It’s also called e-cig, vape. Public information shows that e-cigarettes are mainly composed of e-liquid (containing nicotine, flavor, solvent propylene glycol, etc.), heating system, power supply and filter tip. The aerosol with specific odor is produced through heating and atomization. In a broad sense, electronic cigarettes refer to electronic nicotine delivery systems, including electronic cigarettes, hookahs, hookah pens and other forms. In a narrow sense, e-cigarettes simply refer to portable e-cigarettes that are similar in appearance to cigarettes.

The design of the first generation of electronic cigarettes completely mimics the shape of ordinary real cigarettes. The cartridge is yellow and the cigarette body is white. This generation of e-cigarettes has been popular for several years, because its appearance is like real cigarettes, and it is accepted by customers in the first sense. However, as people use more and more first-generation e-cigarettes, especially foreign customers, they slowly discovered many shortcomings of the first-generation e-cigarettes during their use, which are mainly manifested in the atomizer. The atomizer of the first-generation e-cigarette is easy to burn out, and when replacing the cartridge, it is easy to damage the tip of the atomizer. Over time, it will be completely worn out, and finally the atomizer will not emit smoke.

The second-generation e-cigarette is slightly longer than the first-generation e-cigarette, and the diameter is generally 9.25 mm. The main feature is that the atomizer has been improved, with a protective cover on the outside of the atomizer, and the cartridge is inserted into the atomizer. In the first generation of electronic cigarettes, the atomizer is inserted into the cartridge, and the two are exactly the opposite. The most notable feature of the second-generation e-cigarette is the combination of the cartridge and the atomizer.

The third-generation electronic cigarette uses a disposable atomizer cartridge, which is equivalent to a disposable atomizer, which solves the previous problems, greatly improves the quality, and changes the appearance and raw materials.

Generally, electronic cigarettes are mainly composed of a pipe containing nicotine solution, an evaporation device, and a battery.


With the increasing application of motors, modern electronic cigarettes are also needed, especially heat-not-burn and small cigarettes. The motor used in the electronic cigarette can bring special vibration feedback to replace the screen as a tactile feedback.


Mainly have the following functions


When the atomizer is inserted into the battery rod, there will be a corresponding LED or vibration motor prompt. The body will vibrate twice when the cartridge is inserted or removed. It will also vibrate when the battery is insufficient during use or when the charging is completed.


Motor vibration prompt after preheating.


When the user smokes a specified number of e-cigarettes within a certain period, it will vibrate. The vibration design is to help users control the amount of smoking in real time


For a long time, merchants have been promoting e-cigarettes that do not contain harmful ingredients such as tar and suspended particulates as their selling points. They even use the banners of "quit smoking artifact" and "clearing lungs" in product introductions. As everyone knows, the safety of electronic cigarettes has not yet been fully scientifically demonstrated. So far, there is no systematic safety assessment data of electronic cigarettes at home and abroad. Therefore, it is not yet possible to determine the potential risks that electronic cigarettes will bring to the health of users.