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Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

Issue Time:2021/04/26
Introduction of hair dryer

The hair dryer is a kind of household appliance, mainly used for drying and shaping hair, and some are also used in laboratories, physiotherapy rooms, industrial production, art, etc. for local drying, heating and physiotherapy. 

The hair dryer is composed of a shell, a motor and a fan blade, an electric heating element, a wind deflector, and a switch. It directly relies on the motor to drive the rotor to drive the fan blade to rotate, blow out hot and cold air, and achieve the purpose of drying and shaping. It is a commonly used small household appliance in the family.

 Sometimes when we buy a hair dryer, we also give a tuyere as a gift. Its function is to concentrate the wind and make the hair more stable. The loading and unloading is very simple, there is a magnet on the nozzle, and it can be installed as long as it is close to the hair dryer.
1. Hair dryer structure

The hair dryer is mainly composed of the following components

①Shell. It protects the internal parts and is also an external decoration.

②Motor and fan blades. The motor is installed in the housing, and the fan blade is installed on the shaft end of the motor. When the motor rotates, air is drawn in from the air inlet, and wind is blown out from the air outlet.

The motor in the new hair dryer is a permanent magnet stator DC series-excited high-speed motor, while the old-fashioned electric blower motor is an AC single-phase hood motor! It is now obsolete!

③Electric heating element. The electric heating element of the hair dryer is made of electric heating wire, and is installed at the air outlet of the hair dryer. The wind discharged by the motor is heated by the electric heating wire at the air outlet and sent out as hot air.

Some hair dryers are equipped with a thermostat near the heating element to cut off the circuit when the temperature exceeds a predetermined temperature to protect it.

④Windshield. Some hair dryers have a round wind deflector at the air inlet to adjust the air intake. For a hair dryer without a round wind deflector, a piece of paper can be used to cover a part of the air inlet and the air volume can also be adjusted. If the air intake is small, the air blowing out will be hotter, and if the air intake is large, the blowing air will not be too hot. It should be noted that the tuyere should not be blocked too much, otherwise it will damage the motor or burn out the heating element due to the high temperature.

⑤Switch. The hair dryer switch generally has three positions of "hot air", "cold air" and "stop". White means "stop", red means "hot air", and blue means "cold air".

Some electric heating elements of the hair dryer are composed of two or three sections of electric heating wire, which are used to adjust the temperature and are controlled by a selector switch.
2. The working principle of the hair dryer

The hair dryer directly relies on the motor to drive the rotor to drive the blades to rotate. When the wind blade rotates, air is sucked in from the air inlet, and the resulting centrifugal air flow is blown out from the front nozzle of the wind tube. When the air passes through, if the heating wire on the heating bracket installed in the tuyere has been energized to become hot, hot air will be blown out; if the selector switch does not make the heating wire energized to generate heat, cold air will be blown out.

The schematic diagram is shown on the left.

3. Classification of hair dryer

1. Divided according to the way of use: there are handheld and stand-alone types.

2. According to the type of motor used in the hair dryer: it can be divided into AC series type, AC shaded pole type and DC permanent magnet type.

3. According to the air supply method, there are centrifugal hair dryers and axial flow hair dryers.

4. According to the power of the hair dryer: the commonly used specifications are 250 watts, 350 watts, 450 watts, 550 watts, 850 watts, 1000 watts, 1200 watts and so on.

5. According to the materials used in the shell, there are metal hair dryers and plastic hair dryers.

Many magnets are used in our lives to facilitate our daily lives, not only hair dryers, but also refrigerators, TVs, stereos and so on. Therefore, magnets are too important for us. Without magnets, these high-tech devices would not be born. Let us learn more about it, use it, and create more things that are convenient for our lives.

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