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What are the impacts of product quality inspection on quality economy

What are the impacts of product quality inspection on quality economy

Issue Time:2021-04-25
Problems to be studied in the economic effect of inspection work

In order to achieve the best possible economic results for inspection work, we must pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) Research on ways to improve the quality of inspection work, work efficiency and reduce inspection costs;


 (2) Develop and implement a scientific and modern management system for inspection work;


 (3) Formulate the assessment content and methods of the economic responsibility system for inspectors;

 (4) Research on the most optimized and most economical plan for the number of inspection posts, the allocation of test equipment and the inspection environment:

(5) The education of inspectors that pays attention to economic effects.

The economic effect of inspection work reflects

The effects of inspection work are mainly reflected in the prevention of the following situations:

 (1) The user's use of unqualified products causes personal injury or death, damage to quality accidents, and losses due to suspension of production and delay in construction period;

 2) Due to the use of unqualified parts and components, the price of the finished product is reduced;

 (3) Expenses for user opinion processing (business trip, investigation, re-inspection) due to product quality problems;

 (4) Three guarantees (including repair, replacement, and compensation);

 (5) Credit loss and market loss caused by substandard products;

 (6) The impact of non-conforming products on the production schedule;

 (7) Unqualified products enter the next process and cause unnecessary processing and cause undue losses.


If the quality economics point of view is used to evaluate the inspection work, then the inspection information is the most important manifestation of the economic effect of the inspection work.  Only through the inspection, the more accurate the quality information obtained, the wider the scope, the larger the quantity, the faster the transmission and processing, and the timely transformation into high-quality products, the more it meets the requirements of quality and economic effects.  Therefore, for the majority of inspection workers in our country, it is necessary to pay attention to studying quality economics and use quality economics thoughts, viewpoints and methods to guide inspection work.  The three quality management methods of statistical quality management, administrative quality management and accounting quality management are creatively and organically combined and applied to quality inspection, so that the inspection work establishes a Chinese-style modern inspection thinking.  We must not only pay attention to economic results, but also achieve better economic results.