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Brief introduction of Wind turbine

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Brief introduction of Wind turbine

Issue Time:2020-07-30

Wind turbine is an energy conversion device that converts wind energy into electrical energy .  As the wind conditions change, the electricity generated by the generator must be converted before it can be used. In the wind turbine, there must be rectifiers, inverters, transformers, and filters, so that the practical AC generated can be transmitted over long distances. Power supply, usually installed at the bottom of the wind power tower with transformer equipment, the purpose is to convert the low voltage generated by the wind turbine into a medium and high voltage that is convenient for transmission.

1.  Internal structure

2.  Working principle

The design of wind turbines based on jet engine technology overcomes a basic defect existing in traditional wind turbines. Wind turbines are covered with shields around the blades to guide air through the blades and accelerate them, which increases electricity production.

Wind turbines are like the air intakes of jet engines. When air enters, it first encounters a set of fixed blades called a stator, which can guide the air into a set of rotatable blades-the rotor. The air pushes the rotor and appears on the other side. At this time, the air moves at a slower speed than it flows outside the turbine. The shield is made into a suitable shape so that it guides the relatively faster air flowing outside into the area behind the rotor. The fast-moving air accelerates the slow-moving air, making the area behind the turbine blades low in pressure to draw more air through them.