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Vibration Motor Around Us

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Vibration Motor Around Us

Issue Time:2019-11-13
In our daily life, we need some reminders but there is hope not to be too noisy. The vibration motor fulfills our needs very well. As we are familiar with the vibration mode of mobile phones, the current popular wearable devices such as sports bracelets and smart watches, they all use a small vibration motor to achieve the vibration function to achieve the reminder function. Vibration motors not only play an important role in the field of consumer electronics, but are also used in the field of medical health.              
Let's take a look at our mobile vibration motor first. In modern society, mobile phones have become a necessary tool for each of us. The convenience, versatility, and speedily of mobile phones play an important role in all aspects of our lives. Text messages and phone calls are happening almost every day, so message reminders become indispensable, but there are many occasions where noisy ringtones are not allowed, so the vibration mode of the mobile phone solves this problem well, without affecting other people and will also not miss important information. The mobile phone vibration motor is a direct brush motor. There is an eccentric wheel on the shaft of the vibration motor. When the motor rotates, the center of the eccentric wheel deviates from the center of the shaft of the motor. The motor will lose its balance and vibrate due to inertia. In addition to the traditional rotor motor introduced here, now more and more mobile phones use linear motors, springs and magnets, which directly converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to produce a vibration effect, greatly reducing energy consumption.                
When sports and health became popular today, wearable devices began to spread in our lives. Sports bracelets and smart watches can record data such as heart rate changes, exercise conditions, and sleep conditions in real time. If abnormal heart rate changes are detected during exercise, these wearable devices will power the motor installed inside, using the principle of electromagnetic conversion, converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, driving the vibration motor, and alerting us to make adjustments to avoid the danger by vibrating an alarm.               

With the continuous improvement and improvement of living standards, people are paying more and more attention to oral health problems. We insist on brushing our teeth every day, but oral problems will still exist. This is because traditional brushing methods and ordinary toothbrushes cannot thoroughly clean the mouth. There are some blind spots for brushing teeth, so we need to use some more effective tools. When the vibration motor (micro DC motor) was introduced into the toothbrush, the electric toothbrush solved this problem very well. Toothbrushes are generally divided into two types. Sonic electric toothbrushes are mainly driven by the high-speed vibration of the brush head generated by the motor to generate fluid cleaning power, driving the water flow to rinse the teeth between the teeth, to achieve the effect of removing dental plaque and washing the blind area of ​​the oral cavity. The mechanical electric toothbrush mainly cleans teeth by rotating and rubbing repeatedly.

Vibration motors improve our lives through their unique vibration sensation. In the future, more fields are waiting for vibration motors to show their strengths.