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Vibration motor in mobilephone

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Vibration motor in mobilephone

Issue Time:2020-07-15
Vibration motor in mobilephone
Basically, mobile phones now have a vibration function. For example, when it is inconvenient to use ringtone reminders and there are very important calls, it is very important to use the vibration function. So do you know how the mobile phone generates a shock? Let's have a brief leaning of vibration motors. 
1. classification
The motor is the power source that provides vibration to the mobile phone, there are two main types: one is the Eccentric rotating mass(ERM), and the other is the Linear resonant actuator(LRA). Among them, linear motors are divided into Z-axis linear motors and X-axis linear motors
2. Principle

It drives the eccentric block through the motor, and the inertial force generated by the eccentric block rotating at high speed obtains the excitation force. Then it is transmitted to the entire mobile phone through the middle frame of the mobile phone to generate vibration.

It generates magnetic fields through the energization of coils, drives permanent magnet weights in the center of the motor, and quickly slide up and down or left and right in the track to generate vibration
3. Pros and cons