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Good friend of Motor--------Magnetic Encoder

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Good friend of Motor--------Magnetic Encoder

Issue Time:2020-06-17

What is Encoder?

        The encoder is a precision measuring device that

        combines mechanical and electronic.

        It converts a mechanical geometric displacement into

        an electronic signal (electronic pulse or data string)

        through photoelectric or electromagnetic principles.

        This electronic signal usually needs to be connected to

        the control system, and the control system can obtain

        the measured data through calculation in order to

        carry out the next step.

Encoder classification

l  According to the working principle, the encoder can be divided into incremental and absolute types.


l  According to the detection working principle, it can be divided into photoelectric type and electromagnetic type.

Internal structure of Magnetic Encoder

The magnetic encoder is a new sensor device used to measure the angular displacement velocity distance.

Its main part is composed of magnetoresistive sensor, magnetic drum and signal processing circuit.

Working principle of Magnetic Encoder

Install a permanent magnet that generates a magnetic field at the end of the encoder's rotating shaft, place the Hall sensor chip mentioned above on a PCB circuit board, and close to the end of the encoder shaft according to certain requirements (direction and distance) The permanent magnet can recognize the rotation position of the encoder rotor by analyzing the voltage signal output from the Hall sensor through the PCB circuit board.

l  Permanent magnets are used to excite Hall sensors

l  The magnet is installed in the center of the shaft

l  Magnet cutting coil generates voltage

l  Hall sensor detects direction and movement