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Magnetic separation for wastewater treatment

Magnetic separation for wastewater treatment

December 14,2016

Magnetic separation for wastewater treatment

Magnetic separation is a technology in magnetic field. The application of this technology has penetrated various fields. Magnetic separation uses the magnetic properties of impurity particles in wastewater for separation. For non-magnetic or weakly magnetic particles in water, magnetic seeding can be used to make them magnetic. With the help of external magnetic field, the magnetic suspended solids in the wastewater are separated out, to achieve the purpose of purifying.

Advantages of magnetic separation technology

1. Magnetic separation technology has high processing efficiency.
2. The magnetic separation equipment is small, simple in structure, easy to maintain, low in cost, and takes up little space.
3. The use of high gradient magnetic filtration method can remove those pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria and some organic substances that are difficult to degrade, which are highly resistant and toxic.
4. The operating cost is relatively low.

Limitations and technical difficulties of magnetic separation

1. The residual magnetism of the medium makes it difficult for the magnetic separation equipment to wash the magnetic particles absorbed by the magnetic concentration medium when the system is backwashed, thus affecting the working efficiency of the next cycle.

2. In order to improve the magnetic field gradient, it is necessary to select a high magnetic saturation magnetic concentration medium, which has certain technical difficulties in selecting the magnetic concentration medium, and increases the operating cost.
Although magnetic separation technology is a simple and feasible water treatment technology with high treatment efficiency, due to the above technical difficulties and limitations need to be continued to overcome. Therefore, it affects its wide application in practical applications.

Compared with conventional methods such as sedimentation and filtration, the magnetic separation method has a series of advantages such as large processing capacity, high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple and compact equipment, etc. It has not only been successfully applied to blast furnace gas washing water, steelmaking smoke purification wastewater, Purification of steel rolling wastewater and sintering wastewater, but also in another industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater.