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NDRC convened a meeting to promote the high-quality development of rare earth industry

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NDRC convened a meeting to promote the high-quality development of rare earth industry

Issue Time:2019-06-04
In order to thoroughly implement and inject the spirit of the important speech of President Xi Jinping during the investigation and investigation in Zhangzhou, on June 4, the relevant department of the National Development and Reform Commission held a symposium on rare earth industry experts to analyze the development status of the industry and promote the high-quality development of China's rare earth industry.

Experts attending the meeting pointed out that rare earth is an indispensable strategic resource in modern industry and a key strategic material for transforming traditional industries and developing emerging industries. China has good ore-forming conditions and great potential, and has obvious resource advantages. In recent years, all parties have worked together to strengthen rare earth resources and ecological protection, strengthen innovation systems and capacity building, promote intensive and high-end development, accelerate green and intelligent transformation, and effectively promote the high-quality development of the industry. At the same time, however, the industry had been privately pirated, illegal production, "black mine" smuggling has been repeatedly banned; resource green development capacity is insufficient, environmental protection issues are still outstanding; rare earth new materials products are mainly low-end applications, high-end application technology The level is not high, and the value of rare earth resources is far from being fully utilized.

Experts at the meeting suggested that rare earth is a scarce resource that cannot be regenerated. The state should strengthen the all-round supervision of the rare earth industry, carry out the rectification of production order, crack down on illegal activities, leaving them nowhere to hide, such as unlicensed production and illegal smuggling, therefore , to completely cut off "black". Industry chain; we must strengthen export control , establish a traceability and review mechanism for the whole process of rare earth export; at the same time support the industry's scientific and technological progress and high-end application of resources, accelerate the implementation of extensive scale expansion based on resource consumption, and rely on the improvement of basic research and development capabilities and The innovation-driven development of technological progress forms a competitive advantage in the entire industry chain.

The comrades responsible for relevant departments and bureaus of the NDRC said that they will seriously study and fully adopt the expert opinions and suggestions, and work with relevant departments to promptly introduce effective management measures, increase industry rectification and standardization, innovate and improve relevant management mechanisms, and accelerate the construction of rational industrial structure and technology. The industry development pattern of advanced level, effective resource protection, and orderly production and operation, and the special value of rare earth as a strategic resource.