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What is the magnetic field strength?

What is the magnetic field strength?
Update Time:2016-08-05

Magnetic field strengthis one of two ways that the intensity of a magnetic field can be expressed.Technically, a distinction is made between magnetic field strength H, measured in amperes per meter (A/m), and magnetic flux density B, measured in Newton-meters per ampere (Nm/A), also called teslas (T).

The magnetic field can be visualized as magnetic field lines. The field strength corresponds to the density of the field lines. The total number of magnetic field lines penetrating an area is called the magnetic flux. The unit of the magnetic fluxis the tesla meter squared (T · m2, also called the weber and symbolized Wb).The older units for the magnetic flux, the maxwell (equivalent to 10-8 Wb), and for magnetic flux density, the gauss (equivalent to 10-4 T), are obsolete and seldom seen today.